What we're about

Unique art and sustainable products inspired by the journey of life.

Openmind is the home of original artwork by Shaun Horlock. Through illustration, tattoos and sustainable products, Openmind aims to offer bespoke artwork to the world infused with esoteric symbolism and sacred geometry.

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Our Mission Is Clear

Showcase unique, hand crafted artwork
Create high quality products that last
…all while doing it as ethically as possible.

Our Story

In 2017 I decided to draw the Openmind store to a close and focus on sharing my illustrations through tattooing – and CHRIST what an adventure! Three studios and over 300 clients later, I can say it was definitely the right decision at the time. I enjoyed the opportunity to step out of the format of a stressful life and pursue what is true at the core: creating things, learning things, sharing things and developing as a person alongside hundreds of amazing and interesting people.

⁠However despite all of this, I always had this niggling thought in the back of my head. I bloody loved doing clothing… I’ve been designing t-shirts since I was 15 and it felt as if a part of me has been totally neglected and didn’t realise it. So many people kept reminding me that they were sad to see the brand go, it genuinely took me by surprise!⁠

⁠In early 2019, I mentioned in an interview led by my friend Dale that it had been on my mind, but it was just too much to take on for one person. Luckily the interview was seen my another good friend, Elexa. Elexa is a technical whizz with a passion for ethical business. We discussed a way to bring back the Openmind store in a way that allows Openmind to remain true to itself; as an idea, as a community, as a place for me to share artistic progression with all you wonderful people and more importantly, to create something truly positive and remain authentic along the way.⁠

Opportunities like this one, that just feel right, are meant to be seized.⁠

So by October 2019 the Openmind Store was relaunched and has continued to grow at pace thanks to all of our amazing supporters, the Openmind Community.⁠ With you we can grow this idea into a meaningful platform to share the ideology of Openmind: to live life hungry for the pursuit of your truest self, to experience the highs and the lows that this life seems to throw at us and create something beautiful from it, to experience reality free from prejudice and bias with an openness to accept new ideas. ⁠

Be the change.

Our people

Openmind is currently run by two friends - Shaun and Elexa.

Shaun is our founder and creates all of the artwork that you'll find here. He's been drawing since he could remember and has been tattooing for over half a decade. He also loves a good dad joke. If you're interested in a custom piece, jump to the contact form using the button below.

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Elexa is our technical genius with a heart of gold. She makes sure that every purchase is delivered to you with love and care. With a passion for all things analytical, she works to continuously improve and optimise our way of working. Word has it that she literally thinks in spreadsheets!