Wanna win a voucher to spend in store and be crowned king for a day?

What is it?

Let’s face it, we’re all a bit bored. Life more than ever could do with the serious edge to be taken off. So, for as long as lockdown continues we will be running a weekly challenge!  The submission that we find the best, funniest or downright weird will win £5 to spend in store (valid for 12 months) and be crowned The Lockdown Challenge Champion of the week!

What do I need to do?

Each Week there will be a challenge – check our Instagram or Facebook stories for the latest one, you’ve got until midnight on Sunday that week to submit your entry. Simply reply to the story on Instagram or Facebook or post it on your own story and tag us in it. We will confirm your entry is valid by reposting it on our story.

When will you know who’s won?

The winner will be announced on the Monday after entry submissions close. Their entry will be reposted again on our social stories and we will message the winner directly to give them their voucher code.

Any limitations?

There are no limits to the number of entries a single person can submit, so go crazy! There are also no limits to the number of times a single person can win, and winning vouchers can be stacked… Meaning the more you win, the better!

We have a zero tolerance policy to ninnies – so we won’t accept entries showing self harm, harm to others, committing a crime or going against current Government advice.

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